Why you should outsource SEO to an agency


The SEO brigade is going to take your business not only to next level, but if targeted well, can drive exponential growth for your business. Some companies have understood the importance of the medium and have invested better part of their business returns to drive further business. But often entrepreneurs or companies sailing under tight budget try to do it the DIY way. Some start-ups or entrepreneurs assume that no one else knows their business like them, so how can a SEO agency help them market well. They often try and succeed but not as expected and not again in the stipulated time. In this debate of self v/s outsourcing, companies should remember what they stand to gain and what they fail to comprehend.

To outsource SEO work to an Agency is a question of much brainstorming, but hard fcats need to be considered while seeking and agency over self. A business needs to first identify its requirement and then decide to experiment or act. If you are in a dilemma of choosing an in-house employee over a SEO agency, ask yourself these questions.

  • Who are your target audience – Global, National, Local or Niche?
  • What impact are you expecting SEO to make to your business?
  • What is the annual revenue you expect from your business?
  • What are the strategies lined to generate this revenue?
  • What is the investment you are ready to make in SEO?
  • Can your in-house team justify your investment?
  • Is your company enabled enough to keep your in-house employee upgraded on technologies?

When you run through these questions and identify whether your SEO need can be fulfilled in-house or through Agency, consider the following influential factor and SEO Agency can offer-

  • An SEO agency is armed with professional expertise, working on updated tools, newer practices and deeper understanding of the technology and market.
  • They are well adapted to service latest requirements in the market, considering the ever updating Google algorithms.
  • A constant team of employees who can offer dedicated 24 X 7 support, if and when required.
  • An SEO agency is well banked with professionals across different domains like – Content Creators, Digital Marketers, Analyzers, Developers, Designers, Online Researchers, Web Designers, Email Marketers, Social Media Experts and associated services.
  • Critical analysis and suggestive mode of operation. Depending on your individual company requirement and product / service reach, a mix of services can be opted like SEO, Social Media, Web Design, PPC or Email Marketing.
  • Agencies have scalability and financial flexibility and hence work on your choice of budget, which cannot be explored with in-house SEO. This also ensures long term savings as compared to EO cost plus additional employee salary.
  • A definite targeted approach can also ensure quicker results and ROI.

Often start-ups require a better and penetrated SEO approach for want of establishing in the market. Some companies that provide products/ services globally need rigorous marketing promotions to stand tall against competitors. Niche Product/ services again require a dedicated approach and at the end this should all fall within company budget. While an employee might do full justification at his job, and employee is an army against a single soldier. It is a decision every company has to decide on individual requirement and growth prospects.


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