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Website Maintenance Services & Support

Managing a website can be complicated. We focus on your website through regular, pro-active maintenance and monitoring so you can focus on achieving your marketing goals. Our job is to keep your website working at its best for your customers and when problems arise, we’re here to resolve them quickly with guaranteed response times. 

We offer complete website hosting and maintenance services for businesses which have their websites especially built on WordPress or built using custom CMS. 

Our website maintenance pricing start from $200 USD to 2000 USD per month.
Our minimum contract period is six months to 1 year, paid in advance.

How we carry out ‘Website Maintenance Services’?

You need to send us an email with the changes/ updates you need on the website and we will do it within 24 hours or sooner!

We have a team of web and graphic designers, developers and technical experts who understand the intricacies of programming, web security and latest technological trends. The team contributes its skills during each website update we do for our clients. Our aim is to make sure the website is maintained, up and running all the time.

43% of cyber attacks target small business

64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks. 62% experienced phishing & social engineering attacks. 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets and 51% experienced denial of service attacks.

Key Aspects



Security is at the heart of our maintenance service, ensuring that your site is safe from attacks and that your customers and personal information is protected to the highest standards.

We recommend hosting the website at our end so we can manage it efficiently and effectively. However, you retain the ownership of the website at all times.



We take weekly backups which includes your website files, databases and emails. If something goes wrong you can revert to an older version of your site whenever you need. Bydoing so, we will be able to get your website operational quickly as we have your website’s backup at our end stored.

Content Updates

Content Updates

Keeping your website up to date helps in maintaining your brand and your customers happy. We do the following content updates:

  • New web pages
  • Website content additions
  • Website text updates
  • News or blog article publishing
  • Image editing / updates
  • SEO Improvements
  • Link audits & removal of broken links
  • Installation of SSL Certificates
  • Compliance updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Technical support
System Updates

System Updates

Updating the website system and components (CMS framework, plugins and PHP, mySQL version), it applies to websites which are built on WordPress.

We are currently maintaining WordPress websites which require regular framework, plugin updates. During each update, we backup the original version of the website and plugins. Plugins which do not function after the update are restored back to the working version. We inform you about this situation and work around it to offer an alternate solution.

Note: WordPress Theme Updates are considered as a separate project and quoted on case to case basis.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Your website is the foundation of your online presence.

It’s important to keep it updated and maintained in order to encourage continued traffic growth, strengthen your SEO and Google rankings, and maintain a healthy online presence.

HariSoft can help you with all of your website maintenance and support services, so that you can focus on what you’re good at – running your business! We’ll take care of everything for you so that your website is always up-to-date and looking great.

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How long does website maintenance take?

Website maintenance can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours per week, depending on the size and complexity of your website. For most small businesses, website maintenance should only take a few minutes each week. However, if you have a larger website with more complex features, website maintenance could take a few hours each week.

How often should I perform website maintenance?

It is generally recommended that you perform website maintenance on a weekly basis. However, if you have a small website with few features, you may be able to get away with performing website maintenance on a bi-weekly basis. For larger websites with more complex features, website maintenance should be performed on a daily basis.

What does website maintenance include?

Website maintenance is important for many reasons. It helps to keep your website looking its best, encourages continued traffic growth, strengthens your SEO and Google rankings, and maintains a healthy online presence. website maintenance can include tasks such as updating website content, adding new pages or features, fixing website errors, and more.

HariSoft offers comprehensive website maintenance services to help you keep your website in top shape. We can handle all of the website updates and changes for you so that you can focus on running your business. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Website Maintenance Services List /Checklist:

1. Update your website’s content regularly

2. Check for broken links and fix them

3. Optimize your website for search engines

4. Test your website on different browsers and devices

5. Make sure all forms are working properly

6. Audit your website’s security

How can you ensure that your website is properly maintained on a regular basis?

There are a few ways that you can ensure that your website is properly maintained on a regular basis. One way is to sign up for website maintenance services with a company like HariSoft. We’ll take care of all of the website updates and changes for you so that you always have a fresh, up-to-date website.

Another way to ensure that your website is properly maintained is to set aside some time each week or month to make updates and changes yourself. This can be a good option for businesses with a limited budget.

If you’re not sure how to get started with website maintenance, or if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, contact us today.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisations)

To keep your website up-to-date, you must make sure it has the most relevant and current information on Google’s search results page. Your site could be deindexed entirely if not updated recently enough with fresh content such as news articles about keywords related to what people are searching for online; this will ensure that visitors find their way back again soon!

Regularly website maintenance is invaluable for SEO strategy.

Customer Attraction/Engagement

Your website is not a mirror you can point at and say “there! I’m done with my work.” Your site needs to provide value from its first impression in order for people not only to stay interested but also come back again when they need whatever it was they were really looking forward too.

This will help customers come back to your website for finding relevant updated information, thus increasing engagement and website traffic.


Hackers will always find ways to get into your site and steal customer information. To keep them at bay, you should have a website maintenance contract to update plugins, frameworks, and software to their latest versions. Websites built on WordPress require a little extra attention as it has third party plugins and themes which make them vulnerable to attacks. WordPress websites which have not been updated and have been dormant for too long are infected.

HariSoft has a team of webmaster professionals who have experience in managing WordPress websites for over 10 years.

Corporate Image

There are many ways to make your website design stand out from the competition. One of these is by using an appropriate tone for each section on a page, which helps give users guidance about what they should be doing next or how their interaction affects other parts of this process – like orders shipped outside our store!

A professional company needs a polished appearance that projects credibility with potential customers–so take advantage today when designing web pages just as much if not more than you would any other marketing tool available

Peace of Mind

We all know the importance of a well-maintained website for our businesses. But if it has been neglected, there are many tasks that need to be completed before your site can function again properly and this may take time–especially because some areas will probably continue having problems no matter how much you fix them! Scraping everything off might seem like an easy solution at first but then what do we lose? All those hours spent trying to get things working smoothly once more…

Update with the latest technology and website design trends:

Invest in a good looking website to increase your credibility and attract potential customers. You can optimize it by adopting the latest website technology (running in the backend) which will bring new features along with them, so you stay one step ahead of the competition!

How much does website maintenance cost?

The average website maintenance cost is different for every business, depending on what it’s used for and how big your audience/content hosting needs are. We’ve discussed monthly website maintenance packages in pricing brackets below!

– $200-$250/month for small businesses with static sites

– $250-$2000/month for larger businesses or those with more complex features

– $2000+/month for companies who need eCommerce website maintenance, custom applications, or a high level of security.

HariSoft offers small business web maintenance costs at a very competitive rate. Our team of webmaster professionals have years of experience in web support and can take on projects of any size.

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What we did:

Website Maintenance / Social Media Optimisation & Marketing / SEO Strategy / Website Design, CMS Updation & Maintenance

Maintaining a website can be a daunting task. Between updates, security measures, and ensuring the site is functioning properly, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. That’s where we come in – HariSoft offers website maintenance services at a very competitive price. Our team of webmaster professionals have years of experience in website maintenance and can take on projects of any size. We offer SEO, hosting, security and updates, backups, support, and peace of mind. So ask yourself honestly whether you are keeping your website in good health; if not, let us know and we would be happy to help!

Keep your website secure and updated.

We are team which cares about your website and your company’s brand reputation. You get a dedicated team, who make sure your website is up and running with latest updates.