Get ahead with intelligent SEO: Choose Wisely

HariSoft’s unique keyword research method can effectively boost your business by targeting conversion-focused keywords. There are no off-limits keywords in this process.

Local Business SEO consulting

Emulating Google's Search

At HariSoft, we are committed to fostering innovation in SEO. A crucial aspect of our approach involves selecting thematic keywords, rather than haphazardly picking random ones. This is akin to the way Google’s search robots operate.

Purchase intent

Purchase intent is a crucial aspect in the keyword selection process. Our team at HariSofts doesn’t simply pick keywords from a thematic group; instead, we meticulously select them based on their potential to generate qualified organic leads.

Highest Value Keywords

HariSoft chooses the most impactful keywords in a thematic group based on both search volume and competition, aiming to generate significant growth in qualified organic traffic. These highest-value keywords are the ones they focus on.

Keyword Data & Reports

With HariSoft, you don’t have to wait to access your keyword data. Launching an SEO campaign with us gives you immediate access to weekly and monthly reports that provide detailed information on your campaign’s performance, including keyword rankings and organic traffic growth. All the data you need to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy is right at your fingertips.

ROI Oriented Keywords

At our company, we are focused on achieving a positive return on investment (ROI) for our clients’ SEO campaigns. To ensure that we achieve this goal, we establish a data-centric foundation for each campaign, allowing us to track organic traffic revenue attribution in detail using the Google Analytics® platform. With this approach, you will never have to guess whether your SEO campaign is generating a net-positive return. The financial insights we provide will be appreciated by your team and investors alike.


Make the smart choice for effective SEO by insisting on proper keyword analysis and avoiding shady tactics. Say no to anything less.

HariSofts’ SEO team collaborates with each customer to guarantee their SEO success by utilizing verifiable, results-driven thematic keywords that surpass the competition. This way, partnering with HariSoft instils confidence in achieving your SEO goals.

Flexible Keyword Expansion

Are you launching a new business but have limited capital? Or do you want to test our process before investing more in your SEO campaign? No problem! With HariSoft, all of our campaigns are structured to allow for seamless scalability. We will prove the effectiveness of our model and show you how your revenue can soar with our approach.

Complete Keyword Performance Insights

The SEO industry has a reputation for being duplicitous, but at HariSoft, we’re different. We offer a revolutionary level of transparency in our campaigns, providing you with a clear view of our processes – from backlink acquisition to on-page optimization. With our approach, you can trust that we’re getting the job done and delivering results.

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