Local Business SEO for Parul Khona

Nov 7, 2020

Parul Khona

Parul Khona is a well known Psychologist-Therapist and Counsellor in Pune, India. She provides insight and guidance towards improving the emotional well being to her patients. She had business listing on several B2C portals for generating enquires but had to pay each year ever-growing renewal fees. She wanted to have a sustainable marketing plan

We researched the client’s business, her competitors, frequently used keywords which her patients would search on Google to reach her such as ‘marital counselling, Pre-Marriage & Marriage Counselling, Emotional Disorders, anger management’ and suggested having her responsive website developed with the content having the keywords researched.


  • 300% Increase in website traffic in one year
  • 120% increase in qualified leads
  • 60% increase in customer enquiries
Lead Generation using Local Business SEO for a local business

Industry: Mental Wellness, Consulting

What we did:

  • Local Business SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Website Design