Email security and deliverability solution to a clinical research company

Nov 7, 2020

Accutest Global Research Laboratories

Accutest Global reached out to HariSoft for resolving email issues. Their emails were getting rejected by some of their international clients. Accutest Global was using Lotus Notes Mailing system and the DKIM settings were not present on their mail server. This project was unique to us, as we had never offered this skillset as a service even though we had a fair understanding of how it works and we brought in common sense at most places while doing this project.

The client trusted us and insisted that we take up the assignment. We resolved this issue by understanding the entire technical scenario, we did a server mockup at our own end before we accessed the live client’s servers. The client’s office was 150 miles away from our location so we preferred to remotely access their servers and do the setup of Hmail server and few tweakings to their Firewall to make it work.


Accutest Global is now able to send mails with DKIM records securely through their Firewall without any mails getting rejected.

Accutest Research Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Clinical Research

What we did:

  • Hmail Server Setup
  • Windows Firewall configuration