The traditional mode of marketing is seeing bleak days as compared to the severe involvement in the last decade. Technology is the catalyst and has tremendously transpired the marketing grounds to shift base to an online platform. While companies were apprehensive to the newer solution of online marketing, it also came as a cheaper option to traditional marketing. Over the last decade, many companies have built their trust and scaled up through the online platform. The key is aggressive approaches.

While a set of technology patterns, procedures, analysis and campaigning rule the game, its challenging to remain in the limelight on the Google Search Engines securing a dominant rank on the market nationally. Competition rules everywhere online/offline. While staying put through the competition, it’s necessary for lesser-known brands to survive the bigger brands having National presence. Google Search Engines update the algorithms on a routine basis, hence it’s important to work towards maintaining the slimy, sensitive ranking. A couple of approaches have been shared here that can help enhance the SEO experience online for National Brands.

Early Adapter on Google Technologies

Google is creating a newer and richer experience for SEO manifestations. The emerging technologies are well aided to support the latest needs of the SEO segment. It serves well to be an early adapter to the latest Google technologies. Try, test, and master these latest trends to emerge and enhance your SEO experience.

Supplementing live pages

While content and technology together drive SEO, one needs to be in total control of Content. A non-imitated content can solve the purpose of emerging well on the National Google ranking. A unique, cut to serve, organic content can help drive up the ranking. However, having a review page on the website will be a source of active content hitting the page even months after the page creation. The live content generation remains an ongoing process and can enhance Google’s ranking.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP are open-source platforms that are created for the loading speed of mobile pages. Formed with the collaboration of Google and Twitter, AMPs are designed to generate a faster and smoother browsing experience on mobile.

When National brands capitalise on a market that is highly prone to shift preferences, the slow loading of mobile pages could be one of the major factors when online sales are considered. We are ultimately banking on user experiences.

AMP has its sets of advantages and deficits but has been able to simplify the speed issues on mobile mediums.


HyperText Protocol Secure is an enhanced and secure version of HTTP.

Our websites hold sensitive data and are our online reputation. Under the technology movement, the imminent negative acts of piracy and cyber pilferage need to be curtailed for data integrity. Google as a revolutionary measure has announced that post-October 2017 all non – HTTP websites will be marked insecure on chrome. The solution is just obtaining an SSL Certificate. It surely comes as a proven fact that Google boosts ranking for secure websites.

HTTPS means secured online data. Protect your client credentials, and other sensitive information prone to cyber-attacks. When your market spans the national level, HTTPS is a measure of remaining vigilant and not just reactive.

Country-Specific domains – Country specific domains have an edge over their .com and .net counterparts. Domains like .uk (United Kingdom), .ie(Ireland) , .in(India) help drive the ranking. The specific domains help navigate traffic for the specified country of listing. If a visitor is targeting “Indian handicrafts”, the handicraft domains with .in name will definitely be listed on priority in the Google ranking.

Optimisation at Local as National level

Products / Services need to be optimised depending on their target market capture. Brands with National expanse need to have location-specific keyword identifiers to optimise the website nationally, at capturing the target audience.

Establishing National SEO is a terse battle, having so many high performing brands in the market. The plethora of keywords won’t work but virgin content, capturing smaller, local markets and cumulatively targeting a bigger domain.

It’s a game of permutations of choosing the right modus operandi of SEO techniques for bringing your brand in good ranking nationally.