Why you should outsource SEO to an agency

Why you should outsource SEO to an agency

The SEO brigade is going to take your business not only to the next level but if targeted well, can drive exponential growth for your business. Some companies have understood the importance of the medium and have invested the better part of their business returns to drive further business. But often entrepreneurs or companies sailing under a tight budget try to do it the DIY way. Some start-ups or entrepreneurs assume that no one else knows their business like them, so how can an SEO agency help them market well. They often try and succeed but not as expected and not again in the stipulated time. In this debate of self v/s outsourcing, companies should remember what they stand to gain and what they fail to comprehend.

To outsource SEO work to an Agency is a question of much brainstorming, but hard facts need to be considered while seeking and agency over self. A business needs to first identify its requirement and then decide to experiment or act. If you are in a dilemma of choosing an in-house employee over an SEO agency, ask yourself these questions.

  • Who are your target audience – Global, National, Local or Niche?
  • What impact are you expecting SEO to make to your business?
  • What is the annual revenue you expect from your business?
  • What are the strategies lined to generate this revenue?
  • What is the investment you are ready to make in SEO?
  • Can your in-house team justify your investment?
  • Is your company enabled enough to keep your in-house employee upgraded on technologies?

When you run through these questions and identify whether your SEO need can be fulfilled in-house or through Agency, consider the following influential factor and SEO Agency can offer-

An SEO agency is armed with professional expertise, working on updated tools, newer practices and deeper understanding of the technology and market.
They are well adapted to service the latest requirements in the market, considering the ever-updating Google algorithms.

A constant team of employees who can offer dedicated 24 X 7 support, if and when required. 
An SEO agency is well banked with professionals across different domains like – Content Creators, Digital Marketers, Analyzers, Developers, Designers, Online Researchers, Web Designers, Email Marketers, Social Media Experts and associated services.

Critical analysis and suggestive mode of operation. Depending on your individual company requirement and product/service reach, a mix of services can opt like SEO, Social Media, Web Design, PPC or Email Marketing.
Agencies have scalability and financial flexibility and hence work on your choice of budget, which cannot be explored with in-house SEO. This also ensures long term savings as compared to EO cost plus additional employee salary.

A definitely targeted approach can also ensure quicker results and ROI.
Often start-ups require a better and penetrated SEO approach for want of establishing in the market. Some companies that provide products/ services globally need rigorous marketing promotions to stand tall against competitors. Niche Product/ services again require a dedicated approach and at the end, this should all fall within the company budget. While an employee might do full justification at his job, and employee is an army against a single soldier. It is a decision every company has to decide on individual requirement and growth prospects.


Rohit Bhalunkar
Owner, HariSoft

    The importance of Organic SEO

    The importance of Organic SEO

    SEO is a tool used by websites to improve their ranking on Google Search. An SEO compliant site ensures enhanced website quality, faster navigation, usability, mobile-friendly optimization, well-maintained content, secure website, the active supply of content, effective link building and social media marketing amongst all.

    An array of parameters come to make your site SEO compliant. In addition, the ever-changing Google algorithms also have a major role to play. While many companies expect a faster result, they engage in paid SEO services and top the google ranking. But, some companies take it the organic- unpaid way. Let’s understand how they drive organic SEO and its benefits. Achieving the highest ranking on Google Search is like building a trust factor for your online clients. While there are a plethora of parameters that decide the google ranking, emerging highest under this scanner is a game not easy. But, a well optimised SEO website draws considerably more attention as compared to the Non-SEO versions.

    Organic traffic is ruled totally by keywords. The right set of keywords help establish your presence. The approach might be difficult, considering the various players, but what is important that if you exile, you are certainly going to draw long term results.

    Organic SEO against Paid SEO

    Organic SEO against Paid SEO

    Paid SEO activities drive, boost and scale-up the ranking offering faster results. Activities like PPC – Pay per click, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, Facebook advertising are campaign-driven. The process is fed by continuous investment. If you decide to take a break your whole SEO ranking can go for a toss. Then it’s a matter of starting from scratch. Organic activities at the same time are not driven by investment. As a tree grows organically, even if not watered, it sustains for a while drawing nutrition from existing resources, likewise, organic SEO sustains on the keyword planted.

    Organic SEO against Social Media

    Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest might bring you considerable traffic as compared to Google. A company might decide not to bank alone on Google ranking or for that matter even on Organic SEO. But, Social Media is again driven by a set of parameters. How Google changes its algorithms from time to time, Social media is also bound to introduce a newer set of rules and operations ground. It remains a debate which of the mediums is the best, Organic SEO, Paid SEO or Social Media. What a company should understand is its primary requirement of –

    • How desperately the company needs traffic in the next 6 months – 1 year?
    • What is the spending capacity of the company?
    • Is the company ready to invest in one medium (Paid SEO) or would want to explore multiple mediums?
    • Is the company hell-bent on Organic SEO or would benefit from a combination of Organic & Paid?

    When can you think Organic SEO?

    One can indulge in Organic SEO when a company has ample time and an expert base to hunt and explore variant keywords. Additionally, if a company has a very tight budget they can explore Organic SEO. Some companies have also benefited from a mix of Organic SEO and paid services. What needs to be identified is the requirement and then work on an effective way around. Albeit, what has been observed by experts is Organic SEO goes a long way with time and patience.

    Digital Marketing for Outstanding Results & Business Success

    Digital Marketing for Outstanding Results & Business Success

    The internet is, in fact, a virtual web and all its components are interlinked. Today when we talk about online marketing, the approach does not remain restricted to having a website alone. The approach extends to having the website aligned to different devices, having the right keywords to effectively appear on SEO and aptly drive processes to remain focused on Google ranking.

    That’s not all, the online promotions are driven to target customers across domains, define the specific target market, location for desired results.

    Having an established website serves the primary purpose. Then begins the process of Marketing your products/services online. Online Marketing is marketing for the virtual digital world. Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and various tricks and trades of the industry are utilized to create a digital presence which is strong and overwhelming.

    Captivating online crowds by the constant visibility of products and services are tools used by online shopping companies like Amazon. Through the digital marketing medium and strong technology backing these companies are constantly keeping us emotionally connected to products, we liked on their website. An emotional yet, intelligent marketing.

    While there are attempts at maintaining digital marketing in an organic way to bring business, some companies are going overboard and making utmost use of the digital tools and techniques to drive profits. Organic growth is assured, but slow. When you know that every consumer today is hooked to a digital device, there is no way companies can think back and go the classic marketing style. Digital Marketing is a speedy growth avenue while planning exponentially. The ever-revising tools adapted to change, the statistics-driven approaches, planned execution, versatile domains and the assured result comes through the virtue of Digital Marketing. Then why Digital Marketing is not accepted as a full-fledged Marketing approach yet.

    Research indicates hardly 50% of the market is driven towards Digital Marketing.

    1. The client’s vulnerability towards taking risks
    2. Unawareness about Digital trends and advantages
    3. The unstructured approach towards success
    4. Flinching trust in Digital marketing

    Apparently, there are a lot of clients who are driven by the above factors. Digital Marketing is a ubiquitous tool ruling the market, yet unaccepting of change is the biggest challenge companies are drawing on themselves. Being web aligned is not all.

    Digital Marketing is a process and requires a minimum of 3 months to show results.

    Exponential Growth and reach are aspired by all, but companies who have accepted Digital Marketing have invested time and money and already experienced success.

    While you plan to claim the Digital share of success, there are many parameters worth considering:

    • A seasoned digital marketing agency who can position your company to the desired result.
    • Considering the ever-changing parameters, analysis and algorithm patterns for Google, a well-established and experienced agency can cruise you through well.
    • A dedicated investment of time along with your monetary investments.
    • Staying put for a long time assures undeniable results.
    • Start-ups, as well as established companies, can both benefit equally from the Digital Marketing medium.

    Planned approach

    Accepting to latest trends and technology. Undeniably, if you aim for strategic, planned and rapid growth in business, Digital should be the desired mode of Marketing. It is in the last decade that we have experienced a massive change in technology. Remaining with technology and switching to online media can be the only turnaround for your company in the time to come.

    Considerations while making a professional website

    Considerations while making a professional website

    A customer will spend on an average of 10-20 seconds on your website homepage to judge before browsing it further.

    And this is a fact!!

    While your customer is on your homepage, it is important how you keep him hooked through the experience. Vibrant layouts, pertinent information, attractive offers, latest trends adapted on the website, easy navigation, usability and the loyalty factor can be captivating tools. It is important as a company how you are bringing this information to your customer’s experience. Website is an unsaid voice that markets your products/services 24 X 7 all through the year. At creating such an experience that binds your customers, it’s important to have a professional who designs and monitors the website and its online presence. Some companies have old websites and want to re-establish brands, some need a newer and deeper perspective of their current online status, and some need a complete turnaround for revamping the brand presence.

    While the market remains volatile all through the times, some factors have remained highly influential in creating a good online presence.

    Mobile-friendly websites

    The mobile trend has been spreading like a wildfire in the last 1 year. A notable amount of customers have shifted base from web to the mobile medium. Consider the need of the time, or the ease at remaining approachable, or merely the technology advantage. Google has also gone a mile ahead to ensure that some processes are streamlined to offer a standard output. As per the guidelines issued by Google in 2015, websites that are mobile-friendly ( complying to google’s mobile-friendly algorithms) would good ranking on Google search. Whereas, websites that are mobile-friendly have been dropped from Google ranking. This initiative was towards providing the best information for customers who are preferring the mobile medium over the web. Optimising sites to the latest trends and requirements have enhanced the mobile marketing experience and opened a newer avenue for business on the go.

    SEO Compliant

    A company cannot survive merely by creating a website. A website is the basic home ground for driving Digital Marketing practices. SEO is the most compatible and organic way of driving SEO practices and Google ranking. A well-structured and designed website can only supplement the functioning of SEO and other digital marketing practices. But again, all rests on the shoulders of a well-maintained website.


    The grander part of website operations is maintenance. The attention span of an online buyer according to Microsoft survey last year is mere 8 seconds. Imagine the discomfort a client would suffer when they click to buy a product online and the page does not display or fails to loads fast. Imagine the loss in business, just because your site is not optimised or maintained well. If a company is engaged in the online marketing system, their website needs to be ‘live’ and well maintained 24 X 7 all through the year. Fed with regular content and adapted and optimised to the latest trends and technologies.

    Websites and Trending Technologies

    The technologies that govern the web market today and have been revolutionising the website experience are-

    • Artificial Intelligence

      Voice user interface is what it can be defined. Chatbots (automated chat boxes that appear on website), SIRI ( iPhone’s voice companion) are voice induced applications that are enhancing the user experience. These API’s are reducing the communication gap and providing prompt and relevant information for customers on your website. The further engages the customer and give an enhanced personal touch.

    • Illustrations

      Some websites are enhanced with visual experience to hook on customers through interactive and engaging illustrations of properties, ambience and concepts. While it is important to keep your clients involved and engrossed in your site, the process demands to create these new experience. Advanced Technology, latest trends, adaptability, maintenance, sustainability, are overall creating a WOW experience but calls for a thoroughly professional approach. It remains for companies to judge if they would spend a certain amount to create such vivid and ever-changing experience for their clients. The only other option could be you treating your website as a pass time and maintain it the DIY way.

    A business can think itself armed to do multifaceted work, invest time instead of money to create an elaborative experience, but in the end, a business is diluting its strength and diverting from goals. Be it increasing customers, punching in greater numbers, scaling-up, training, customer support and growth. A business’s focus should only be business. As one can create an equal or better experience by paying and outsourcing work. A thought that any business should thus contemplate on is – “Without Customers, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby!!”

    Writing a Blog Post

    Writing a Blog Post

    Blogs are an inherent part of any given website today. Blogs are that extra ground that helps cultivate the keywords for targeted SEO practices. Blogs offer diverse and subject-oriented information and updates from the industry. Blogs are the industry happenings that customers might seldom go look for if your site did not present it in the first place. Under all the above circumstances blogs partially stand important and influential in drawing traffic and eventually attract customers to your business.

    When writing a blog post, one needs to consider many associated factors –

    Identify the need for a blog

    First and foremost you need to identify the need for a blog. How can your product/ service be influenced by a blog? If your company is an e-commerce company, you might not benefit much from a blog. Whereas, if your company is offering some niche products you might enlighten your customers with some value-added services like information and expert opinions through blogs. Hence, understanding your audience and their need is very important.

    Blog Form

    Blog Form is a very important aspect of starting any blog. Blog form is basically the structure in which the blog will emerge. There are many informative links that can guide you through the blog structuring. Once you are set on a structure the execution becomes an easier task.

    This visual post from www.blogtryant.com has efficiently described the process of creating a Blog Form. Refer to – https://www.blogtyrant.com/how-to-write-the-perfect-blog-post/

    Blog Templates

    Representation of work is as important as the presentation of the work. While you work towards a content-oriented research-driven and impressive blog, that is sure going to drive loads of traffic, it should also be visually impressive. While there are many free blog templates that can be incorporated into your site. Sites like www.blogspot.com provide a multifunctional base where blogs can be uploaded, maintained linked back to your site and can also be shared with social media platforms.

    A Compelling Title

    Once your blog idea is set based on your audience, it is important to write a compelling title. The title is like the display for a window shopper. The more attractive the display, the more chances of window shopper turning to shop actually. The blogging domain is strewn with a multitude of titles which closely and largely represent every product/services. It is wise to choose some titles after a thorough study. Researchers admit that a compelling, suggestive and attractive title draws a client towards exploring a blog.

    Lauren Hooker guides us with some great ways to generate titles for blogs – http://www.elleandcompanydesign.com/blog/2015/1/11/creating-catchy-headlines Check some interesting and innovative reference titles with Raelyn Tan on -https://raelyntan.com/catchy-headlines/


    It is important to keep your customers interested once they have landed on your blog page. A concise, informative and informative introduction does the task. Studies show that 80% of the customers merely visit your site only looking at the title. It is imperative that you maintain these 80% of customers with engaging content on your brand message and your values.

    Content Body

    Generate content that is audience-driven. The content should be addressing queries that the customers are mutely seeking, in turn guiding them to act.

    Optimized Content

    A blog should be supplemented by optimized text sprinkled with the right keywords, appropriate images with relevant copyrights, and due credits to research data shared, information extracts if any and links shared.

    Call for Action

    The call for action should be supported by reviews and testimonials from past customers. The information and insights shared should be presented as relevant and authentic for initiating immediate action.


    It should be monitored how useful and informative the blog has come through. As a customer, are your queries answered by reading the blog? Is your customer taking back some learning from this blog? Has the blog been useful and informative?

    Feedback Form

    It certainly helps to bring in some feedback if your site supports. Blogs are an interactive medium to supplement live data through the comments section and can enhance ranking in search results.

    Blog Calendar

    Maintaining a blog calendar and scheduling blogs as per individual business convenience is a good way to stay abreast. Having a blog calendar in place plays a check on your plans and results expected from this medium. The blog posting schedule can simultaneously be worked for Social Media posting for generating maximum visibility. Blogs can be made to the most innovative styles, but remember the purpose should not be lost and all it should mean is Business.

    How to outrank National brands on Google

    The traditional mode of marketing is seeing bleak days as compared to the severe involvement in the last decade. Technology is the catalyst and has tremendously transpired the marketing grounds to shift base to an online platform. While companies were apprehensive to the newer solution of online marketing, it also came as a cheaper option to traditional marketing. Over the last decade, many companies have built their trust and scaled up through the online platform. The key is aggressive approaches. While a set of technology patterns, procedures, analysis and campaigning rule the game, its challenging to remain in the limelight on the Google Search Engines securing a dominant rank on the market nationally. Competition rules everywhere online/offline. While staying put through the competition, it’s necessary for lesser-known brands to survive the bigger brands having National presence. Google Search Engines update the algorithms on a routine basis, hence it’s important to work towards maintaining the slimy, sensitive ranking. A couple of approaches have been shared here that can help enhance the SEO experience online for National Brands.

    Early Adapter on Google Technologies

    Google is creating a newer and richer experience for SEO manifestations. The emerging technologies are well aided to support the latest needs of the SEO segment. It serves well to be an early adapter to the latest Google technologies. Try, test, and master on these latest trends to emerge and enhance your SEO experience.

    Supplementing live pages

    While content and technology together drive SEO, one needs to be in total control of Content. A non-imitated content can solve the purpose of emerging well on the National Google ranking. A unique, cut to serve, organic content can help drive up the ranking. However, having a review page on the website will be a source of active content hitting the page even months after the page creation. The live content generation remains an on-going process and can enhance Google ranking.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP are open-source platforms that are created to the loading speed of mobile pages. Formed with the collaboration of Google and Twitter, AMP’s are designed to generate a faster and smoother browsing experience on mobile.

    When National brands capitalise on a market that is highly prone to shift preferences, slow loading of mobile pages could be one of the major factors when online sales are considered. We are ultimately banking on user experiences.

    AMP has its sets of advantages and deficits but has been able to simplify the speed issues on mobile medium.


    HyperText Protocol Secure is an enhanced and secure version of HTTP.

    Our websites hold sensitive data and are our online reputation. Under the technology movement, the imminent negative acts of piracy and cyber pilferage need to be curtailed for data integrity. Google as a revolutionary measure has announced that post-October 2017 all non – HTTP websites will be marked insecure on chrome. The solution is just obtaining an SSL Certificate. It surely comes as a proven fact that Google boosts ranking for secure websites.

    HTTPS means secured online data. Protect your client credentials, and other sensitive information prone to cyber-attacks. When your market spans national level, HTTPS is a measure at remaining vigilant and not just reactive.

    Country-Specific domains – Country specific domains have an edge over the .com and .net counterparts. Domains like .uk (United Kingdom), .ie(Ireland) , .in(India) help drive the ranking. The specific domains help navigate traffic for the specified country of listing. If a visitor is targeting “Indian handicrafts”, the handicraft domains with .in name will definitely be listed on priority in the Google ranking.

    Optimisation at Local as National level

    Products / Services needs to be optimised depending on their target market capture. Brands with National expanse need to have location-specific keyword identifiers to optimise the website nationally, at capturing the target audience.

    Establishing National SEO is a terse battle, having so many high performing brands in the market. The plethora of keywords won’t work but virgin content, capturing smaller, local markets and cumulatively targeting a bigger domain. It’s a game of permutations of choosing the right modus operandi of SEO techniques for bringing your brand in good ranking nationally.