The importance of Organic SEO


SEO is a tool used by websites to improve their ranking on Goog Search. An SEO compliant site ensures enhanced website quality, faster navigation, usability, mobile friendly optimization, well maintained content, secure website, active supply of content, effective link building and social media marketing amongst all.

An array of parameters come to make your site SEO compliant. In addition, the ever changing Google algorithms also have a major role to play. While many companies expect faster result, they engage in paid SEO services and top the google ranking. But, some companies take it the organic- unpaid way. Let’s understand how they drive the organic SEO and its benefits. Achieving the highest ranking on Google Search is like building a trust factor for your online clients. While there are plethora of parameters that decide the google ranking, emerging highest under this scanner is a game not easy. But, a well optimised SEO website draws considerably more attention as compared to the Non-SEo versions.

Organic traffic is ruled totally by keywords. The right set of keywords help establish your presence. The approach might be difficult, considering the various players, but what is important that if you exile , you are certainly going to draw long term results.

Organic SEO against Paid SEO

Paid SEO activities drive, boost and scale-up the ranking offering faster results. Activities like PPC – Pay per click, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, Facebook advertising are campaign driven. The process is fed by continuous investment. If you decide to take a break your whole SEO ranking can go for a toss. Then it’s a matter of starting from scratch. Organic activities at the same time is not driven by investment. As a tree grows organically, even if not watered, it sustains for a while drawing nutrition from existing resources, likewise organic SEO sustains on the keyword planted.

Organic SEO against Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest might bring you considerable traffic as compared to Google. A company might decide not to bank alone on Google ranking or for that matter even on Organic SEO. But, Social Media is again driven by a set of parameters. How Google changes its algorithms from time to time, Social media is also bound to introduce newer set of rules and operations ground. It remains a debate which of the mediums is the best, Organic SEO, Paid SEO or Social Media. What a company should understand is its primary requirement of -

  • How desperately the company needs traffic in the next 6 months – 1 year?
  • What is the spending capacity of the company?
  • Is the company ready to invest in one medium (Paid SEO) or would want to explore multiple mediums?
  • Is the company hell bent on Organic SEO or would benefit from a combination of Organic & Paid?

When can you think Organic SEO?

One can indulge in Organic SEO, when a company has ample time and an expert base to hunt and explore variant keywords. Additionally, if a company has a very tight budget they can explore Organic SEO. Some companies have also benefited from a mix of Organic SEO and paid services. What needs to be identified is the requirement and then work on an effective way around. Albeit, what has been observed by experts is Organic SEO goes a long way with time and patience.


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