How to secure a website – 2021

Apr 20, 2020 | security, website design, wordpress website

The web is an avenue of opportunities galore. While companies have shifted their entire sales, marketing, and billing modules online, established online retail business and generating revenues, a lot needs to be gauged and accepted about the perils of being online.

Cyber security is a vast subject to explore. Companies with an online presence have to time and again face the downside of cyber-crime. In lieu of the situation, companies need to adapt to varying security measures as needed. Implement certain norms and remain vigil.

Very recently Google has made announcements that websites that are not SSL Certified will be deemed unsecured from October end. This applies to Google’s browser Chrome. Let us understand more on how to secure your website and also about SSL certification and how it can influence our website security.

What is an SSL Certification?

SSL means Secure Socket Layers.It is a standard security measure for keeping your online data private.

How does SSL Certification work?

SSL certification helps with keeping the data secure between your website and internet connection.

Do all website require SSL Certification?

SSL certification is a very useful tool in websites that accept information through forms, passwords, login details, data transfers, monetary transactions and other sensitive information.

How does SSL certification function?

The certification primarily secures data between your internet connection and your website. The need is to have a dedicated IP address associated with your website. This means no shared servers are applicable.

How do I know a site is SSL certified?

SSL certification marks a site secure by adding ‘s’ to the HTTP, which can be further read as HTTPS. Sites that are SSL certified automatically display HTTPS in the browser as against HTTP.

What are the added advantages of SSL certification?

  • With SSL certification, your site appears secured; hence your clients can remain assured to transact and exchange information.
  • Secured sites also attract better Google ranking in search results.

How can one attain an SSL Certificate?

Though SSL Certification only protects data transfer between your website and internet, it should not be considered as a total online security measure for your website. SSL is just one important aspect of securing your website at your end. It is like first aid. Cyber security is a vast subject and to remain firm in the online world calls for some dedicated online security measures through some seasoned vendors.

Rohit Bhalunkar