What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are a new way to consume and create visually rich, full-screen content on the web. With Web Stories, you can tap or swipe through stories, just like you would with any other story format. Web Stories are also supported by Google Search and Discover, so you may find them in those places as well.

Google Web Stories are powered by AMP technology and are owned by Google. Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen content format for the web that allows you to tap or swipe through stories.

Web Stories are supported by Google Search and Google Discover, so you may find them in those places as well.

Examples of Google Web Stories







What are the benefits of publishing Google Web Stories?

Benefits of Web Stories
There are a few benefits of publishing Web Stories:

  • Web Stories are visually rich and engaging, which can help capture attention and drive traffic to your website.
  • Web Stories are full-screen and easily consumable on mobile devices, which is perfect for today’s mobile-first world.
  • Google Web Stories are supported by Google Search and Discover, so your web stories on Google have the potential to be seen by a wider audience.
  • Create an immersive & interactive experience for your target audience.
  • Reach a wider audience: Google web stories are visually engaging and can be easily shared, so they have the potential to reach a wide audience.
  • Increase engagement: Google web stories are full-screen and interactive, so they’re more engaging than traditional text-based articles.
  • Boost SEO: Web Stories appear in Google Search and Discover, so they can help you boost your SEO.

How to create a Google Web Story

If you’re interested in creating your own Google Web Story, here are some tips:

  1. Choose a story template: There are several different story templates available, so choose the one that best fits your content.
  2. Add your content: Once you’ve chosen a template, you can start adding your content. Web Stories support text, images, videos, and more.
  3. Publish your story: Once you’re happy with your story, hit publish and share it with the world!
  4. Images: You’ll need at least 9 images to create a Web Story. The recommended image size is 1200x800px.
Web Stories Editor
Web Story Slides

Can I do SEO for my Google Web Stories?

You can include SEO in your Google Web Stories, and these stories have clickable titles that make you want to click on the article or video. A good story should be at least 8-12 slides long with pictures of varying scales so it’s easy for readers/viewers who aren’t as savvy online to understand what is happening within each scene! My suggestion is to use the RankMath WordPress plugin to index your Google Web Stories as and when you publish them.

Creating Google Web Stories content gives you the full advantage to leverage SEO opportunities and a fast way to grow your website’s internet traffic & online visibility.


How to create Google Web Stories in WordPress?

You can create Google Web Stories in WordPress too! Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen content format for the web, which allows you to tap or swipe through stories. You can create Web Stories in WordPress by using the Web Stories plugin. This plugin allows you to create Google Web Stories from any type of content, including posts, pages, and products.

Once you have installed and activated the Google Web Stories plugin, you can create a Web Story by going to the “Stories” section of your WordPress admin panel.

From here, you can add content, images, and videos to your Web Story. You can also style your Web Story using the various options available in the plugin.

Once you have created your Web Story, you can publish it on your website or share it on social media. Google Web Stories are a great way to share your content with your audience in a visually appealing and engaging way.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, Web Stories are a great option. Try creating Google Web Stories for WordPress today!

For more detailed instructions, visit this Google Stories for WordPress set-up guide.

Please note that this final version of the WordPress plugin includes animation and page attachment support.

Create Web Stories for any website using MakeStories

MakeStories for Google Web Stories
Create engaging content with the MakeStories Web Story editor. Create stories that bring your brand to life on any device! With this powerful tool, you can customize every aspect of a story and make it as interesting or dull for viewers depending upon how much time they have available – all without having animation skills 🙂

To start using the MakeStories, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and create an account in MakeStories.io
  2. Click Create Story. Use the options to create slides for your story.
  3. Add your content (text & images) to each slide. MakeStories has a wide range of templates, photos and animations to help your slides come to life.
  4. You need to save your WebStory in Draft till you are not fully convinced your Web Story is completely done.
  5. Once you are done completing all necessary fields, click view or publish!
  6. Every Web Story which is published will have a URL which can be used on your website.
  7. To index your Web Story you need to make sure you do SEO i.e. using the right keywords, image ALT tags and optimisation. MakeStories will help you with SEO while you are developing your Web Story.

For more details on the set-up process, here is the official step-by-step guide on publishing Web Stories to your WordPress website.

To wrap up

The new Google Story format is a fast-loading, visually storytelling tool that will be best for you if your company experiments with it. It lets users get more information from one place and also improves engagement rates on content as well as monetization capabilities because of its ability to boost traffic quickly without taking too long load times.

Hurry up and make your first web story to witness the boost in traffic, customer engagement & monetization capabilities.

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