Considerations while making a professional website


A customer will spent on an average of 10-20 seconds on your website homepage to judge before browsing it further.

And this is a fact!!

While your customer is on your homepage, it is important how you keep him hooked through the experience. Vibrant layouts, pertinent information, attractive offers, latest trends adapted on the website, easy navigation, usability and the loyalty factor can be captivating tools. It is important as a company how you are bringing this information to your customer’s experience. Website is an unsaid voice that markets your products/services 24 X 7 all through the year. At creating such an experience that binds your customers, it’s important to have a professional who designs and monitors the website and its online presence. Some companies have old websites and want to re-establish brands, some need a newer and deeper perspective of their current online status, and some need a complete turnaround for revamping the brand presence.

While the market remains volatile all through the times, some factors have remained highly influential in creating a good online presence.

Mobile friendly websites

The mobile trend has been spreading like a wild fire in the last 1 year. A notable amount of customers have shifted base from web to the mobile medium. Consider the need of the time, or the ease at remaining approachable, or merely the technology advantage. Google has also gone a mile ahead to ensure that some processes are streamlined to offer a standard output. As per the guidelines issued by Google in 2015, websites that are mobile friendly ( complying to google’s mobile friendly algorithms) would good ranking on Google search. Whereas, websites that are mobile friendly have been dropped from Google ranking. This initiative was towards providing the best information for customers who are preferring the mobile medium over web. Optimising sites to the latest trends and requirements have enhanced the mobile marketing experience and opened a newer avenue for business on the go.

SEO Compliant

A company cannot survive merely by creating a website. A website is the basic home ground for driving Digital Marketing practices. SEO being the most compatible and organic way at driving SEO practices and Google ranking. A well-structured and designed website can only supplement functioning of SEO and other digital marketing practices. But again, all rests on the shoulders of a well maintained website.


The grander part of a website operations is maintenance. The attention span of an online buyer according to Microsoft survey last year is mere 8 seconds. Imagine the discomfort a client would suffer when they click to buy a product online and the page does not display or fails to loads fast. Imagine the loss in business, just because your site is not optimised or maintained well. If a company is engaged in online marketing system, their website needs to be ‘live’ and well maintained 24 X 7 all through the year. Fed with regular content and adapted and optimised to latest trends and technologies.

Websites and Trending Technologies

The technologies that govern the web market today and have been revolutionising the website experience are-

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Voice user interface is what it can be defined. Chatbots (automated chat boxes that appear on website), SIRI ( iPhone’s voice companion) are voice induced applications that are enhancing the user experience. These API’s are reducing the communication gap and providing prompt and relevant information for customers on your website. The further engages the customer and given an enhanced personal touch.

  • Illustrations

    Some websites are enhanced with visual experience to hook on customers through interactive and engaging illustrations of properties, ambience and concepts. While it is important to keep your clients involved and engrossed in your site, the process demands for creating these new experience. Advanced Technology, latest trends, adaptability, maintenance, sustainability, are overall creating a WOW experience but calls for a thorough professional approach. It remains for companies to judge if they would spend a certain amount to create such vivid and ever-changing experience for its clients. The only other option could be you treating your website as a pass time and maintain it the DIY way.

A business can think itself armed to do multifaceted work, invest time instead of money at create an elaborative experience, but in the end a business is diluting its strength and diverting from goals. Be it increasing customers, punching in greater numbers, scaling-up, training, customer support and growth. A business’s focus should only be business. As one can create an equally or better experience by paying and outsourcing work. A thought that any business should thus contemplate on is - "Without Customers, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby!!"


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