Let’s learn about Common Ecommerce SEO Mistakes you should avoid.

Ecommerce a full-fledged industry in itself is governed under a battery of parameters. Right from establishing a good website enhanced with usability, payment gateway and efficient browsing experience as the plinth, the building of an exquisite experience further calls for some undisputed SEO practices. While Ecommerce SEO is the crowd puller for your eCommerce site, you cannot afford to make mistakes. And yet, if you think your eCommerce site is lacking somewhere, you need to identify if you are at default with some of the factors listed below.

Poor Keyword Research

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first – Wendy Piersall

SEO is driven by efficient keywords.

Best Keywords = Best Ecommerce SEO Practices

Some company websites often chart the top ranking, while some fail to make a mark. Every business and industry is associated with certain keywords. Thorough research on keywords is a subject to explore. Google Adwords key planner, Moz & SEMrush are some of the efficient applications at sourcing the best keywords that can complement your business.

Duplicate Content affects ranking

Good content is not storytelling, but telling your story well – @ Marketing Prots

A company should not be just bothered about plagiarism but pledge to develop its own content. A well written, un-copied content does most of the ranking job next to keywords. Duplicate content has been seen to be affecting Google ranking at large. An eCommerce site cannot afford to just cut -copy- paste product info as this will be replicated on many other sites the company is promoting its products. The result is a drop in Google ranking. A well-crafted, unique product description is the need for a good eCommerce site.

Keyword Spam

There is a fine line between informing and spamming – Anonymous

You have followed the practice of diligently extracting keywords for your eCommerce site. Every keyword you find has certainly braved a competition and stands unique. Even so, control the temptation of spamming your eCommerce pages with keywords. A good blend of keywords needs to be worked and evenly spread through the pages.

Please do your research on How to stop keyword spamming on your eCommerce website for more details.

Lack of product reviews

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers – Seth Godin

The above action in practice is definite to invite some good product reviews. Product reviews are a source to make our eCommerce page interactive. Not only does it build a trustworthy ground for customers who buy your products, but it also serves as a constant source of active content on your page.

Product reviews are a good strategy for keeping your customers hooked to your website.

Security Measures

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail – Benjamin Franklin

Of course, when your eCommerce website is dealing with critical customer information and the payment gateway, a secure system is mandatory. Google’s initiative at Chrome to rank secure websites on priority is a pertinent step towards the security aspect. Websites marked HTTPS appear secured on google pages with a green tick which further claims the trust of the customers. The SSL certification is a quick and easy step at attaining HTTPS status.


People ignore designs that ignore people – Frank Chimero

If you do not care about usability, your customer won’t care about you.

When you have a sea of competitors to face, merely depending on your Ecommerce SEO practices might not help. It is imperative that the e-commerce site is highly flexible on the usability factor, offers quick browsing, easy loading product catalogues, efficient searches, well-classified products and categories, attractive landing pages, and crisp and relevant content. Adapting and avoiding certain factors will certainly enhance your business operations over a period of time. The trick is a continuous analysis of what’s working right for you and what mistakes are in the making. A company that is facing fierce competition should always be on the vigil as mistakes could lead to scalding the company reputation and business eventually.