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HariSoft offers Google Ads & Bing Ads services to customers.
If you want to increase your sales or generate leads or promote your brand awareness you would need to use PPC (pay per click) marketing which is a form of online advertising.

HariSoft will setup and manage your Google Ads (previously called as “Adwords”) and/or Bing Ads PPC campaigns. The contract includes account creation, ad copy, management and reporting.

Costs for each program (Google Ads & Bings Ads)

For Setup: $160 USD

Monthly management: $135 (6 months minimum contract) + Advertisement budget ($100 to $1000*/month)

For ad budgets of 1000+, we will provide a custom management quote

Online Stats show that 90% of online searches occur on Google. In fact, it has become a verb – ‘just Google it!’.

Local PPC

You can use this when you want to target selective local areas around you. The local paid search strategies are designed for small businesses to generate additional customers and sales to increase monthly profitability. Local SEO services includes PPC helping you build reputation and visibility.

Dynamic PPC Retargeting

The main purpose is to recapture visitors after they leave your website without buying or showing their interest by filling in the form and turn them into a customer. Google Remarketing ad campaigns let you recapture visitors who recently visited your website by showing them relevant advertisements as they browse the web.

Lead Generation for local pathology / radiology lab

What we did: 

Local Business SEO / Content Strategy / Information Architecture / Custom WordPress Development / Website Design Digital Marketing / Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Key Features of PPC Campaign Process

PPC Goals

Here the overall goal is to reduce or minimize cost per click while maximizing your traffic, conversion rate and profit. PPC programs can be setup for special offers, new launches, awareness. We help you plan on how to have PPC program for your business.

Advertisement Platform and Strategy selection

Not all online PPC advertising platforms are the same! Depending on your goals, budget, target market, and even industry we help select the best platform (or platforms) to advertise. We use Google, Bing and Social Media Platforms to get results for your business.

Keyword Research

For every strong PPC campaign keyword research is a must. Our PPC managers research right keywords to target which yield higher clicks and conversions for your advertisements.

Ad Copywriting

Writing a copy for strong PPC ad is a tough task. PPC ads have a limited number of characters and what is written has to compete with all other ads shown in the results. Our PPC team writes ads suited to specific keywords, and which draws a strong call to action to elicit a click through.

Landing Page Optimisation

We craft landing pages which convert the searcher to make a sale…promote a product or fill in a form. We improve your quality score and Ad Rank which will reduce the overall cost of your Ad campaign by improving he message match between the keyword search query, your ad and the landing page.

PPC Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Analytics provide insight on how your Ads are performing, what is the cost of acquisition of a new customer. PPC Analytics help in fine tuning keywords, Adcopy, and the landing page resulting in increase clicks and conversions and reduced PPC ad costs.

Your business needs a new digital experience and online visibility

If you are interested in attracting new customers to your business and generating more sales you should hire us as a digital partner for your business.

We would love to show you a live demonstration with real data, free of charge. We feel that this can fundamentally shift your business and tap into the online demand that is already there in your market.